Brake Grease Blues; What is important in a Brake Grease?

During my morning commute to work, I idled up to a stop light only to hear a very nice sports car making a loud SCREECHING noise as it rolled up next to me. Wow, screeching brakes on a hot car really kills a look. That screeching noise was from brakes in need of the right grease. Now that may not sound right, grease on brakes, but it does if you understand how brakes are put together.

Grease never should not come in contact with the braking surface, but there are multiple greases used on brake units. A grease which prevents that awful screeching sound on brakes is G-MAN™ PST-477 by PolySi® Lubricants. G-MAN™ PST-477 is used on the BACK of the brake pad, between the brake pad and the metal shim. The metal shim rubbing on the brake pad is where the awful screeching sound is derived. By putting G-MAN™ PST-477 between the brake pad and the metal shim, noise is eliminated.

Will any grease work on brakes? NO! Your brake grease has to contain a solid lubricant. Brake pads generate extreme heat that can dry out brake grease, so what is left behind is the most important ingredient. G-MAN™ PST-477 has a superior solid lubricant additive package that leaves behind a coating between the shim and the brake pad. The solid lubricant actually burnishes into the metal surface, leaving a protective coating that lubricates the metal surface, and eliminates squeaking.

So, the next time you have a brake job, be sure you use G-MAN™ PST-477 lubricant, because G-MAN™ hits the spot every time.  And remember, G-MAN™ hits the spot every time. For more information, please visit